Children under the age of 18 (with their own passports or listed on the parent’s passport) are requested to submit:

  • An Application form filled accurately and signed by both parents;

  • Copy of the passport page containing holder’s data, validity and recent photograph if the minor is listed on the parent’s passport;

  • Original and copy of child’s birth certificate. If the name of the parents has been changed since the issuing of the original birth certificate, you need to submit proof of that legal change;

  • If a minor child is travelling with only one of his parents or with a legal guardian, he/she must have a letter of authorization signed, certified and notarized by the parent who is not travelling with him/her or by both parents if the child is travelling with a legal guardian;

  • Copy of the passport of the consenting parent who is not travelling with the child;

  • If the Child is travelling with his/her own passport and the requested visa is longer than the planned length of stay, both parents have to sign the visa application and provide the proper authorization for the trip;

  • If one of the child’s parents is deceased or if custody is held by one parent, proper documentation duly signed, certified and notarized must be attached;

  • If the mother registered the birth of her child alone, all the Certified documents (form 25) issued by an authority or an official courts or tribunals must be attached (original and copy);

  • If the child travels with a person who already has a Schengen’s visa a Copy of his/her passport page containing holder’s data, validity and recent photograph must be attached. The validity of the visa of such person must be the same or longer than the validity of the visa for the minor;