International Medical Insurance valid for all the Schengen Territory

In order to apply for an Italian visa it is mandatory to have, and show proof of adequate medical insurance coverage for Schengen countries.

The minimum medical coverage is at least 30,000 € (Euro).
In some cases a higher coverage is required.

The International Medical Insurance policy can be purchased directly at the Visa Center with the following advantages:

  • Waiting time reduced to the minimum
  • Insurance coverage available from Euro 30,000 up to Euro 100,000
  • Convenient price of the service
  • Possibility to access special schemes for people that practice extreme sports
  • The payment is made in Manat at the official rate set by the Central Bank of the Azerbaijan Republic at the time of the issuance of the policy, without any surcharge.

In order to avoid fraud, when you apply for an insurance policy outside the office, you should familiarize yourself with the documents confirming the powers of the insurance agent.