Financial Guarantees

Amount of the financial resources, necessary for staying on the territory of Italy (in Euro)

In order to prove the existence of the personal financial guarantees for the whole term of the planned stay in Italy the following documentation must be applied:

AN INTERNATIONAL CREDIT CARD (the original and a copy), and the original of the BANK CERTIFICATE (valid within one month) confirming the state of the client’s bank account (in any currency), his/her Surname, Name, Patronymic and the card number.
In case of presenting a nominal international credit card the cash-dispenser cheque (valid within three days) can be applied instead of the bank certificate;

BANK CERTIFICATE confirming the state of the client’s bank account and ACCOUNT ACTIVITY for last 3 months;

BANK GUARANTEE (fidejussione bancaria) in original and copy;

NOTARIAL LETTER OF SPONSORSHIP by the third person in Azerbaijan with indication of trip dates and with copy of internal passport (filled pages) and personal financial guarantees of the sponsor.

The second column “For every person of a group” is NOT VALID for a multivisa.

Duration of a trip For one person For every person of a group (2 or more)
1-5 days: fixed amount 269,60 212,81
6-10 days: per person / a day 44,93 26,33
11-20 days: fixed amount + per person / a day 51,64
20 days and more: fixed amount + per person / a day 206,58

*How to calculate? For 15 day trip: 51,64 (fixed amount) + 36,67 * 15 = 601,69 euro’s.