Student visa

The list of the required documents:

1)         Original or authenticated copy of apostilled high school certificate, diploma and transcript and original of apostilled translations, in case of no submission while applying for pre-enrollment for Italian Universities;

2)         Filled and signed application form required for “D” type visa and 1 photograph;

3)         If the previous course of study or the applicant’s specialization were not consistent with the university course that he intends to attend, a letter in English or Italian should be enclosed in which the reasons for which one wishes to attend this course are highlighted.

4)          Valid passport at least 3 months after the visa expiration period and copy of the page containing personal information;

5)         Acceptance or primary acceptance document from Italian University or art institute;

6)         Document confirming accommodation in Italy:

a)          In case of owning personal property: invitation letter and copy of ID signed by the inviting person (if the inviting person is a foreign citizen, copy of residence card in Italy is required. In case of being Italian citizen copy of passport or ID should be submitted)

b)         In case of organization, institution or religious unions: invitation letter and copy of ID signed by the inviting person

c)          In case of hotel or dormitory: a document confirming a reservation of at least 30 days

7)         Medical travel insurance. Insurance policies issued by both Azerbaijanian and Italian insurance companies are acceptable, but there shouldn’t be any exception or restriction for the insurance (diseases and determined urgent hospital expenses covered by the insurance)

8)         A bank certificate with the annual amount of 5.954 euro which was determined by the Ministry of Education of Italy. In order to show financial guarantees a student should present a bank certificate of current account in one of the Italian banks or in Yapikredi Bank in Azerbaijan. It is required to submit a form to apply to Yapikredi bank for current account. Above-mentioned financial means should remain on the current account at least until the response to the visa request. Either a student should submit a statement indicating bank transactions from any bank operating in Azerbaijan made within last 6 months.

9)         Documents related with the financial status of student’s family members: a signed and sealed bank statement issued for the last 3 months. Statement containing salary income, tax declaration, a statement regarding salary payment, scholarship income, tenancy agreements and incomes related with real estate are considered.

Besides, the Embassy will evaluate the students due to their self-preparation for study in Italy, as well as personal and family condition. Financial condition should be relevant to meeting monthly required expenses of students during their stay in Italy. 

Guaranty for financial means by the 3rd person is not acceptable. 

10)         Ticket reservation

Students are also advised to attach additional documents not included in the current list if they consider them useful for the purpose of a positive evaluation of the visa application.

The visa application has a cost of the equivalent amount in manat of Euro 50.00. Incomplete requests are not accepted. The Embassy has the right to request further documentation. The documentation presented will be acquired in the documents of the Embassy. Even in the presence of all the aforementioned documentation, entry into Italian territory is not guaranteed since the last check is carried out at the border.


  • An international passport and copies of all its filled pages. The passport should be valid at least three months after the visa expiration period and it should be issued not earlier than 10 years ago (Art. Visa Code 12). There should be at least two blank pages in the passport. Passports with an extended validity period are not accepted.
    • All other international passports: valid (and copies of all pages), and expired (and copies of all filled pages).
    • The ID card and photocopy.


All documentation in Azerbaijan language, except for passports, should be translated into Italian or English.

The above mentioned list includes the minimal set of documents necessary for submission. It doesn’t mean that with the presence of all these documents the visa issue is being obligatory or automatic.
Diplomatic or Consular Mission reserves the right to require additional documentation.